About Ben Herring

Ben was born in Monterey California April 6, 1989. With both his parents serving in the US Navy, Ben traveled from California to Colorado, Guam, Rhode Island, Virginia, Texas, and finally landed in Pensacola, FL where he went to high school and college. It was baseball that Ben excelled at throughout his grade school life, but after multiple arm injuries, he turned his focus on a different sport.

In 2010 Ben left Pensacola to attend Professional Golfers Career College in Orlando, FL. The focus of this college was to create the next leaders in the golf industry exposing students to every possible career path within the world of golf. Very quickly Ben identified Tournament Operations and Instruction as the path he wanted to pursue. While attending college Ben interned with the LPGA Tour, The LPGA Symetra Tour, The Arnold Palmer Invitational, and the North Florida PGA. After Graduating with honors Ben took over as the North Florida PGA Tournament Director in 2011.

As the North Florida PGA Tournament Director Ben was responsible for many PGA Club Professional Championships, Collegiate Conference Championships, PGA Tour Q-School, Junior Golf Championships, and many more events every single year. Ben has also scored higher than 92 on the USGA Rules of Golf Exam making him a Certified Rules Official. In 2018 Ben was hired by a private company to run an LPGA Symetra Tour Event in Sarasota Florida. This event was the highest purse in the history of the Tour and according to players and LPGA Symetra Tour staff, it had a "Major Feel" to it. Shortly thereafter Ben accepted the role as Director of Golf at Venetian Bay Golf Club in New Smyrna Beach.

Ben now lives in Ormond Beach with his wife Angelina and two kids Jaxson and Magnolia. Ben spends his time playing T-Ball with Jaxson, dancing with Magnolia, and cooking dinner for his whole family.

Here is a little information on how I can help you take control of your golf game:


There is no question that today's technology has helped create a better understanding of the golf swing and gives the every day golfer a better program to track their progress.

Every Student will have access to:

  • V1 Video Analysis
  • Flightscope Launch Monitor
  • Specialized Club Fitting Technology

Learning Cause and Effect for Best Results

It is my belief that until a student fully understands what causes certain shots (slice, hook, fat shot, thin shot) they will never be able to make adjustments to play their best golf. I teach by providing cause and effect and a full explanation of why we will work on certain items. I want my students to become self-sufficient and be able to make adjustments when they are on their own. Whether playing in a national competition or a weekend round with their best friends I want my students to play their best!

Purposeful Planning to Achieve Personal Golfing Goals

Whether your golfing goal is to compete at the highest level, win your club championship, stop the slice, increase driver distance, get the ball airborne, impress a significant other or just play this wonderful game for the very first time, I will put together a plan to help you achieve that goal.